Chief Marketer Asks….What Was Your Favorite Campaign of 2013?

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

We asked several Chief Marketer contributors what their favorite campaigns were this year and why. What marketers caught your eye in 2013? Let us know at

kmartJason Scoggins, director of customer experience, Freshpair
My favorite campaigns were for Kmart. With their “Ship My Pants”, “Big Gas Savings” and this holiday’s “Show Your Joe”, they went from an often-overlooked brand to one everyone was talking about and engaging with. Each campaign was funny, viral to a point that should make any marketer envious, and ultimately they shifted my perception of the brand.

Chris DeMartine, vice president, V12 Group
Allstate Insurance’s “Good Life” wins hands down in my book. Their message transforms the perception of insurance from risk management to the keys to freedom and new discovery in life. “Man eating sharks live in every ocean, but we still swim. Lighting strikes somewhere in the world, but we still play in the rain. So many things can happen. However, bad things in life can’t stop us from making our lives good. People live for good and so does Allstate.”

melbourneRon Jacobs, president, Jacobs & Clevenger
My favorite of the year is the “Dumb Ways to Die” campaign for the Melbourne, Australia Metro Train.  I have shared with friends around the globe. To quite the client “It was the counterintuitive nature of the idea, the weirdness and positivity of the execution, the sheer joy of the song and the video, and the attention to detail across all elements of the work that ensured its success.” The campaign is fascinating and a good primer on how to create video and content to optimize going viral.

Grant Johnson, CEO/founder, Johnson Direct 
“The Year of the Farmer” for Dodge RAM Trucks was argeted, yet broad enough for a mass audience to appreciate that these are underappreciated and hard working folks. If I see something and say, “wow, I wish I would have done that” I gravitate toward it. That was that case here.

Jane Buck, director of customer acquisition, Dyn
For me 2013, was the year where I didn’t need to see ads (as much).  We clipped the cable and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime.  My news I get when I want from my local TV website, NBC or CNN.  Those site ads are mostly retargeting so I see a mirror of the sites I searched—ads I want to see.  Facebook and Twitter friends share ads in their stream and if I like them, I add to their viral punch.  In that I am not seeing too many ads…I am not noticing campaigns. So my vote for the marketing campaign of the year is – “The groundswell of the people – Self-selecting ads”


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