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How the Web Was Won

Patterning its style after character-driven narratives such as “Barbarians at the Gate,” Paul Andrews’ “How the Web Was Won: Microsoft >From Windows to the Web” tells the story of how Microsoft Corp. became a dominant force in the Internet world.

Andrews, who is also author of the national bestseller “Gates,” has followed Microsoft as a Seattle Times reporter since the company moved to suburban Bellevue, WA from Albuquerque, NM in 1979. In his new book, he explores the role of nearly every executive in Microsoft’s Department of Justice antitrust trial, including Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer and Brad Silverberg.

Digital Darwinism

Survival of the e-fittest is the concept behind “Digital Darwinism: Seven Breakthrough Business Strategies for Surviving in the Cutthroat Web Economy,” by Evan I. Schwartz.

The book looks at the evolution of the Web and suggests tactics suited to the world of e-commerce, among them brand building, service bundling, affiliate partnering, adding value to transactions between buyers and sellers, and price fluctuation.

Schwartz is the author of “Webonomics” and a contributor to Wired magazine and The New York Times.

“How the Web Was Won” and “Digital Darwinism” are published by Broadway Books, New York.


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