Using Personalization to Create Meaningful Customer Conversations

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Personalization and meaningful 1:1 interactions are the Holy Grail for marketers. But creating individualized, two-way conversations can be a challenge when customers are constantly being hit from every side by all kinds of marketing messages.

Automation can help companies scale their interactions with individual customers and tie disparate information together. To learn more, join us for “Knowing Your Audience: The Science Behind Conversations That Convert,” a free live webinar on Wednesday, March 28 at 2 pm ET.

Darren Guarnaccia, CMO of Lytics, will share ideas on why marketers need to consider advanced customer data platforms to help unify data from multiple sources to build dynamic profiles in real time and craft engaging 1:1 experiences to boost loyalty and ROI.

According to the Digital Marketing Association, 77 percent of brands believe real-time personalization of their marketing is crucial, yet 60 percent of marketers still struggle to personalize content in real time.

A unified data view can help marketers created more individualized campaigns. U.K. horse racing media website Racing Post had an abundance of rich customer data, and needed a system to stitch it together to reach its audience at key decision making moments. The site worked with Lytics to create a comprehensive customer view across channels, and create more targeted, behavior-based email campaigns. Open rates were increased by 20 percent in a month, and the site saw a significant spike in subscription sales.

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