Special Reports

Why Brand Experience Should Be At The Center of Your Marketing Strategy

In this Chief Marketer Special Report—which includes insights from industry experts Bruce Mau, Andy Cunningham and Haluk Kulin—you’ll learn what’s driving this evolution of the brand experience, and how you can create smart, personalized and engaging experiences that are on-trend—and on target.

Stop Making Sense: The Powerful Role of Emotion in B2B Decision Making

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TriComB2B’s guide provides business-to-business (B2B) marketers with a deeper understanding of the B2B customer’s buying process by exploring why the emotional quotient is more powerful than price and using technical comparisons to show how to use this knowledge to build effective B2B marketing campaigns.

Ad Agencies: 3 Key Local Digital Marketing Trends

Today all marketing wars are won or lost at the local level. But bridging the gap between the old world, characterized by loyal advertisers and steady profits, and the new Age of Local, characterized by hesitant advertisers and elusive profit — is a huge challenge.

An Industrial Marketer’s Guide to Digital Advertising

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TriComB2B’s easy-to-read guide, An Industrial Marketer’s Guide to Digital Advertising, provides peace of mind for business-to-business (B2B) industrial marketers evaluating different venues and platforms for digital advertising. It includes an overview of the most relevant options for B2B marketers, including statistics and advice on: traditional display, display network, paid search and social media advertising.