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Contact theDIRECT sales team for rates, deadlines, new opportunities or more information.

Elizabeth O’Connor
Associate Publisher, DIRECT
(203) 358-4391

John Guadagno
Account Executive
(203) 358-3736

William Camaraza
Associate Publisher, Multichannel Merchant
(305) 892-7416

Candice Hadley
Account Executive
(630) 554-8989

Karen Putrimas
Classified & Marketplace Ads
(203) 358-4389

Ed Berkowitz
NCDM Sales
(203) 358-3702


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Teva Marion Partners, Kansas City, MO, has teamed with Sprint FonPromotions, also based here, to help multiple sclerosis patients stay in touch. In the Voice of Experience program, Teva will allocate free 30-minute Sprint Prepaid Foncards to MS chapters around the country. People with the disease will be able to talk with members of the MS Advocate Network, a group of 100 people taking Copaxone, a Teva drug therapy shown to reduce relapses in people with relapsing-remitting MS.

“Choosing a treatment program is one of the most important and difficult decisions a patient faces. We’ve found that most people want to talk with others who have used the product,” says Teva market research manager Gwen Duzenberry.


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