Chief Marketer Listline September 10

Posted on by Richard H. Levey

DeveloperZone HTML5
The developers on this list are interested in learning HTML5 to develop next-generation websites and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). As RefCardz subscribers they have downloaded: “HTML5: New Standards for Web Interactivity”; “HTML5 Canvas: A Web Standard for Dynamic Graphics”, and “HTML5: Full-duplex Real-time Web Communication”. RefCardz is part of The DeveloperZone ( Network, the “super-center” for a thriving community of software developers, architects and managers. Its community of readers and participants represents the most active and sophisticated software development professionals on the planet.
Universe:  45,210
Price:  $325/M
Contact: Direct Effect Media Services, Gerard Petrocelli,, (631) 626-3241

HelpMeSee provides programs to support the mission of restoring the eyesight of 20 million children and adults by empowering and training local eye surgeons in developing countries. HelpMeSee is committed to the skills and technology needed to empower and train local eye surgeons and provide treatment with dignity and respect regardless of economic status. Donors have responded generously to this productive charity that offers awareness and fundraising, treatment and training programs. HelpMeSee donors are benevolent, compassionate and philanthropic, having also expressed their empathy to many other Human Services, International Relief, Health/Disease, Animal Welfare, Environmental and Cultural causes.
Universe: 20,000
Price:  $80/M
Selections:  12-, 24-month donors, $10+ donors, gender, state/SCF/ZIP
Contact:  American List Counsel, Kim Searight,, (914) 524-5233

Investors Observer
The tagline on the site reads: "Better Strategies for Making Money for Investors with a Sense of Humor" – and that's just what this website delivers. The editors of Investors Observer ask new users – Did you make over a million dollars last year in the market? If you did, then you don't need us. You can go back out to the pool and have your man Friday serve up an extra large daiquiri. You deserve it! But for the rest of the folks out there who aren't in the "one million a year" club, the site offers investors an array of valuable services. This includes essential PriceWatch Alerts for selected stocks, market overviews plus the economic calendar for the week ahead with key events that could impact the markets, and summaries of the week's important investment articles that will help anyone invest smarter. For the marketers looking to reach high net worth individuals who are serious about investing and have a great outlook on life, this is an excellent list.
Universe: 31,126
Price:   $185/M
Selections:  U.S. subscribers only
Contact: Investing Media Solutions, Josh Morris,, (312) 213-4495

New Jersey Monthly
Reach affluent, educated, promotionally responsive subscribers of New Jersey Monthly. New Jersey Monthly explores the people and the events shaping the state's future and affecting the lives of its affluent, educated subscribers. These subscribers are the top consumers of the region, with a high propensity to purchase through the mail. Along with monthly columns covering business, local and state news, community profiles and personal profiles- Each issue presents an exciting mix of topics from entertainment, fine dining, travel, fashion, work, leisure time, home and garden, the arts, people, places and politics.
Universe: 60,057
Price: $100/M
Selections:   Three-, six-, 12-month hotline, expires, gender, state/SCF/ZIP.
Contact: List Services Corporation, Kerri Matteo,, (203) 791-4104

Tribune Direct Vehicle Database
Reach the most responsive prospects with Tribune Direct's Vehicle database. The vehicle database not only predicts which vehicle prospects own, but can also target them by several various demographics.
Universe:  108,563,300
Price:   $75/M
Selections:   Auto owners, vehicle make, model and year, sadult ages, county, drive time, education level, ethnicity, gender, home market value, homeowner/renter, income, length of residence, markital status, polygon, presence of children, radius, SCF/state/ZIP.
Contact:  Tribune Direct Marketing,, (708) 836-2737

Chris DeMartine ( is director of business development at NextMark.


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