2016 B2B Top Shops

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  • New this year— We automated the B2B Top Shops Application. You can now create a login for your Top Shops application by registering your email address below. Registering will give you the credentials to sign-in to your application so that you can edit, review, or start/return to you application before submitting your final entry.
  • This is an editorial feature—THERE IS NO CHARGE to be considered for or included in Top Shops. We’re also not looking for your financials. We’re just going to showcase the top agencies—who they are and what they do best for B2B brands. Based on your input we will present clear and useful information to an audience of more than 100,000 marketing professionals, making it an easy and useful resource for them to find and contact you.

  • Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 — And we mean it. Due to tight printing schedules, NO EXCEPTIONS will be granted so please plan accordingly.

  • Eligibility: B2B Top Shops is for agencies that create and execute promotional marketing programs for businesses. Consultancies, suppliers, vendors, field-staffing companies, etc. are not eligible. And, Chief Marketer reserves the right to refuse inclusion to any entrant. If you’re not 70% about business-to-business, B2B Top Shops is not for you.

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