Should You Consider Marketing-as-a-Service?

|  by Matt Preschern

The role of marketing is shifting and evolving across organizations, and many forward-thinking CMOs are using Marketing-as-a-Service as a way to focus on core competencies and gain competitive advantages.


Would Your CMO Have a Beer With Your CTO?

|  by admin

In this Q&A, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility’s Aaron Stibel, SVP and CTO, and Judy Hackett, SVP, CMO, discuss how a strong culture of collaboration works.

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Fareportal’s In-House Marketing Tech

|  by Patrick Gorman

Chief Marketer talked with Fareportal senior vice president, online marketing Brijen Rajput about why his company used its resources and technical know-how to build custom proprietary marketing tech solutions, and how his team is leveraging them each day.

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What is the Value of a Lead?

|  by Jeff Feuer

Many executives don’t understand what leads are, or how to value them well enough to make smart investment decisions.

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