Guns for Pizza Discounts

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

I wasn’t going to go here, but I decided to because I’d like to hear what marketers have to say about this.

In Virginia Beach, the owner of All Around Pizzas & Deli is offering a 15% discount to any customer who brings in a gun or a concealed handgun permit to his shop. The owner, Jay Laze, a supporter of the Second Amendment, told Fox News that since the promotion began last Friday, that 80% of his customers had taken him up on the deal, one even showing off an AK-47—a nice response by any marketer’s standards.

Add to that the media frenzy. It has provided thousands, if not millions, of dollars in free advertising for the owner who has appeared on a number of radio and TV talk shows, including Conan O’Brien.

This is not the first time, nor probably the last, that a gun for discount promotion has been staged. The owner got the idea from a frozen yogurt shop in Utah that ran a similar promotion. Your thoughts?


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