Chief Marketer Listline Feb. 12

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

Chief Marketer and NextMark offer a selection of files new to market. The criteria for selection for Chief Marketer Listline is:

· New list to market in past 7 days

· Exclusive to list manager

· Data card quality score 85 or higher on NextMark

· Data card publicly available online

American Society for Microbiology

All ASM full members hold at least a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in microbiology or a related field, with the majority of members holding advanced degrees such as master's, PhD, ScD, DrPH and MD level degrees.

Universe: 17,621

Price: $180/M

Selections: Academic degree, interest area, member type, primary employer, State/SCF/Zip

Contact: Infocus Marketing, Inc., Customer Service,, (800) 708-5478


AMG Health Insurance Responders

Consumers on this direct-response generated file file have filled out an application seeking health insurance and discount prescription cards.

Universe: 1,483,500

Price: $85/M

Selections: Gender, credit card buyer, date of birth, home owner, income, monthly/weekly hotline, presence of child

Contact: Aculists Media Group, Serena Murphy,, (614) 317-4849  


Interior Design Email

This monthly magazine offers the latest interior design trends, ideas, contemporary architecture and design news.

Universe: 15,933

Price: $325/M

Selections: Business, job title, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: Statlistics, Turker Hassan,, (203) 778-8700


Raspberry Ketone Diet System

The Raspberry Ketone Diet System is a weight loss system designed to reduce caloric intake and promote healthy cholesterol and serotonin levels.

Universe: 22,994

Price: $125/M

Selections: Gender, SCF/State/Zip

Contact: Macromark, Inc., Paula Dazi,, (845) 230-6349


Van Bourgondien’s – Dutch Bulbs

Now part of the Gardens Alive! family of horticulture catalogs, Van Bourgondien's has been growing and selling Dutch bulbs since 1893.

Universe: 17,527

Price: $100/M

Selections: $100+, $75+, $50+, $25+ buyers; 3- and 6-month hotline; credit card buyers; gender; SCF/State/Zip

Contact: American List Counsel (ALC), Michael Auriemma,, (914) 524-5238



Maria Dailey is a client success specialist with NextMark Inc.


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