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Of Monkeys and Men

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

In early May, researchers from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center found a possible correlation between human speech and the gestures of chimpanzees.

Soft Cell

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Analysts keep saying that in the United States there are eight cell phones to every PC. But so far, the mobile sphere is rife with unrealized potential. Mobile marketing is confined largely to messages advertisers are pretty sure young users will be glad to opt into, such as video clips from upcoming movies. And m-commerce…

Looking for GPS in Local Mobile Search

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

With all the talk about the magical things users will be able to do with their mobile phones, from watching TV to surfing the Web, developers may have lost sight of the thing most people are likely to want their handsets to do most often: help them find their way to goods and services they…

Medio Pitches On-Deck Mobile Search and Ads

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Speaking at a Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco last month, Google CEO Eric Schmidt summed up his vision of his company’s future in a pithy three-word mantra: “Mobile, mobile, mobile.” Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft have all attracted a lot of attention in the last few months with their efforts to expand their search business…

Price Check on Aisle 12

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Say you want to buy a new blender. You go out to your local big-box retailer and spot something you like, at a reasonable price. But you wonder: Could

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