Special Reports

Charting the Changing Customer Journey

- Education

Chief Marketer talked with David Bell, a marketing professor at the Wharton School, and academic director of Wharton Executive Education’s upcoming three-day program “Digital Marketing Strategies for the Digital Economy.

The Location of Loyalty

Learn why location-based marketing using mobile technology is rising fast for loyalty marketers.

experiential marketing

Experiential Takes on Multiple Roles

- Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing plays a growing role for marketers looking to directly engage with consumers and encourage them to participate in the brand. In fact, more than half of marketers (51%) plan to invest more in experiential content this year.

Busting Through the B2B Noise: Lead Gen Trends

- B2B Conversion

Simply getting on prospects’ radar is a major hurdle in B2B lead generation today. Every channel is clogged with marketing—both good and bad—and marketers are challenged to make the most of their automation investments and create content that connects.

B2B Direct Mail Tips & Trends

- Direct Mail

Digital is the focal point of just about every B2B marketing campaign today. But the impact that traditional offline tactics such as direct mail can have in engaging prospects and customers shouldn’t be discounted.

Sweeps Win Big in Digital

- Sweepstakes Marketing

The online world has opened up new opportunities for sweepstakes marketers. Digital provides more precise targeting, better quality leads and, through viral share, can send sweeps promotions spanning the globe with little effort on the marketer’s part.

Building a Better B2B Digital Strategy

Successfully connecting communications initiatives across multiple digital channels is vital for B2B marketers. Data, creative, content and technology must work together to reach prospects and customers at the right time to engage and close the sale. In this special report, discover: The analytics that will reveal your true digital ROI B2B digital spending trends How…

Marketing to B2B Millennials

Stop waiting for Millennials to arrive at the B2B table. They’re already here. More than one in three American workers are now B2B Millennials and these digital natives don’t respond to marketing the same way as their Gen X and Boomer predecessors.

Optimizing Marketing Automation

- Marketing Automation

As customer touchpoints increase and audiences become more demanding, the importance of marketing automation to help manage interactions both before and after the sale continues to grow.