Special Reports

Special Report: B2B Conversion Optimization

Your social media presences, SEO initiatives and email blasts are driving tons of prospects to your website. But what are they doing when they get there? A clear path to purchase is essential for conversion.


Special Report: Getting the Most Out Of Database Tech

- Big Data

Database technology solutions are making it easier than ever before for marketers to take advantage of customer information and target the right audience at the right time with the right messaging. And while taking the leap to database-driven marketing may be less intimidating than it has been in the past, getting the most out of…


Inside Overstock’s Transition to Data-Driven Marketing

As everyone in retail and ecommerce is fully aware, changes abound within the industry. To accommodate these and future changes while creating a personalized, data-driven methodology for meeting customers’ needs, Overstock needed to shift to a data-driven marketing approach.

2015 B2B Marketing Outlook

- B2B

It’s 2015. Do you know if your B2B marketing strategy is where you want it to be? In this special report, Chief Marketer asks the experts for the top tips and trends you need to improve B2B lead generation, engagement, customer retention and ROI.


Video Goes Viral

- B2B

Generating mass reach through video is an important goal for most marketers. However, a shift is underway in how that goal is achieved—from channel distribution strategies to great storytelling.

Mobile Tech 2015

How Mobile Technology Is Engaging Consumers On-The-Go. Marketers who are poised for success know that connecting with consumers via mobile devices is critical in today’s connected world. Be it through webpages, videos and email messages optimized for mobile viewing, or more advanced tech solutions such as location-based messaging, marketers will need to leverage mobile technology…


Channel Integration Technology

Channel integration technology is critical in making sure that customer experience remains a constant regardless of how a customer is communicating with a brand.


Voice of the Customer

Today, listening to your customer—and tailoring your marketing based on what they are saying—is more important than ever. In this special report, discover: