Special Reports


B2B Direct Mail Trends

B2B marketers must connect with prospects as early as possible. Making direct mail an integral part of their multichannel contact strategy can help companies influence customers, build brand presence and create a comprehensive strategy to close the sale.


Special Report: Using Technology Solutions to Fuel Social Engagement

Technology solutions are making that process easier for marketing teams by automating the creation of content aimed at driving engagement, as well as allowing the creation of custom social audiences that are based off of existing CRM data that marketers already have.


New Strategies in B2B Social Media

Today, B2B marketers are approaching B2B social media more strategically than in the past, creating concise and compelling content that is mobile friendly.


The Modern Era of Shopper Marketing: Technology

The shopper marketing standard—crunching consumer data to gain insights that lead to campaigns, communications and other marketing messages—is entering the modern era to advance shopper marketing efforts that impact consumers in real-time, often using state-of-the-art technologies.


Special Report: Personalization Tech Trends

Whether its connecting with consumers via digital channels or mobile devices, or gauging their interests via social and reacting to data in real time, personalization is evolving quickly and smart marketers need to keep on top of the trends or risk being left behind.


Special Report: The Art of B2B Storytelling

- Content Marketing

Your brand story can’t just convey what you think is important. To resonate, it must be relevant to your customers’ needs and desires. In this Special Report, discover how to use storytelling to make your B2B brand more relevant and engaging.

Special Report: CRM Tech Trends: Improving Retention, Engagement & ROI

CRM tech solutions are the hub around which smart marketers are creating more personalized and relevant messaging and campaigns. Customer relationship management platforms have been a key part of sales and marketing arsenals for years, and new tech solutions are giving marketers a leg up on critically important areas such as acquisition, but also things…


Special Report: B2B Lead Gen

- B2B Lead Gen

Content marketing is an essential part of any B2B lead gen strategy today. But in a marketing landscape where everyone is sharing content seemingly 24/7, how do you make your brand standout?


The Changing Face of Sweeps

- Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are no longer simple child’s play. Grand prizes have grown to enormous cash prizes or life-changing vacations and events. Even smaller prizes have grown substantially in variety and numbers offered to draw more players. Gamification gets consumers interacting with your brand in ways never before imagined, while mobile and social tie-ins encourage consumers to…