Special Reports


Out of the Fog, Into the Cloud

Today’s customer expects a customized experience at all times. This means marketers must be able to analyze data and act on it in real-time. For many organizations, marketing cloud solutions are the key to making that a reality.


The Power of Influencers

Partnering with an influencer can be a cost effective form of high-quality content with built in distribution. It is highly measurable and can be target5ed to ver5y specific audiences to capture high-quality leads and engagement.


The Influence of Incentives

Incentives take on many roles. These motivators can influence employees to work harder and be more loyal to one company. Incentives prompt consumers to join and be active in brand loyalty programs or to try new products.


Key Must-Haves for Data Optimization

- Big Data

There are many elements to a successful marketing campaign. But if you don’t have the right data—and the right tools to target your audience with appropriate messaging and content—you will fail. In this special report, discover the tech and tools you need to maximize customer intelligence and conversion.


B2B Multichannel Lead Nurturing

- B2B

B2B buying decisions don’t happen in an instant. They’re the result of multiple touches, in multiple platforms, over days, weeks, months, and sometimes, even years. Nurturing leads in this type of an environment has numerous challenges.


From Fickle to Faithful

Enrollment in loyalty programs may be up, but participation is declining so marketers are updating their programs to increase participation and engagement


Video Tech Close Up

- Engagement

Powder your nose and smile for the camera, because if video isn’t already a part of your content marketing strategy, it will be soon. The good news is that while the quality of video marketing tech has gone up, the cost has dropped significantly.


B2B Email Trends & Tips

- B2B Email

A key nuance in B2B email is acknowledging that the person who chooses to buy a product and the user aren’t necessarily the same. For B2B email marketers, this means added challenges when it comes to creating messaging that will get noticed.


Data Optimization Tech Update

The ability to sort through data sets, find the right targets and present them with messaging that matters. Thankfully, tech solutions are more readily available—and more affordable—than ever before.