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4 Ways to Embrace Mobile Marketing Tech

|  by Kevin Rice

Executives often fail to provide enough capital for mobile marketing initiatives, not realizing that apps are products.


Get On Fleek—Start Paying Attention to Gen Z

|  by Cory Munchbach

These kids who were born after 1995 are quickly growing up and gaining purchasing power. But this cohort is unlike any demographic marketers have ever tried to engage.

Baltimore Ravens v Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Transforms Fan Experiences: Webinar

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

The Atlanta Falcons partnered with IBM to transform customers’ experiences by mapping out the early stages of fans’ engagement pre-kickoff and nurturing those customers at the game.


5 Common Mistakes in Setting Brand KPIs

|  by Brian Rafferty

A common struggle for many clients is determining the right KPIs and methodology for tracking performance of initiatives and/or teams.

MORSOR_Value Brief

Digital River Makes It Easier To Do Business Globally

|  by Digital River

When Digital River takes on the role of Merchant of Record, your company no longer needs to create its own local entity. Digital River's commerce, payment, and marketing solutions paired with innovative technology are what make our Commerce Business Infrastructure (CBI) a unique Commerce-as-a-Service offering. Download our value brief today to learn more.

Google’s Update Doesn’t Spell Doom

|  by Nxtbook Media

There’s something exciting about mashing “Armageddon” and just about any other word. We’ve witnessed this recently with the heavy snowfalls of winter, prompting newscasters to report a “snowmageddon” in some areas. The practice has resurfaced this week with a “mobilegeddon” caused by Google’s search algorithm update this week.


CNN’s High Profits Mobile Tour

|  by Moderne Communications

In an effort to promote their up and coming show High Profits, CNN has decided to go the route of experiential guerrilla marketing. The fully branded mobile tour activation is taking place throughout Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn to generate excitement for the premier through Friday, April 17th.


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