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How Bots Degrade the Marketing Tool Ecosystem

|  by Peter Zavlaris

Through impersonation, advanced persistent bots (APBs) can't be accounted for—they simply blend in. They render critical business marketing tools ineffective.


Proving Social ROI – How To Justify Your Social Media Efforts

|  by Tracx

Learn the optimal strategy for proving social's value. There’s no denying that social media holds limitless opportunities for businesses of all sizes. So why aren’t more companies taking social seriously? The most common answer - the inability to tie ROI to social efforts. This eBook provides a step-by-step guide for defining and measuring social ROI…


eBook: Which Metrics Matter

|  by Tracx

Learn about the most important social metrics that should definitely be in your measurement plan.


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by Patricia Odell

Campaign: Arby’s Meat Mountain Client: Arby’s Agency: Alcone