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The Secret to B2B Lead Gen: Cut Through the Clutter

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

Cutting through the clutter & getting prospects’ attention is a challenge in B2B lead gen. “Every channel is so clogged with bad marketing,” says Matt Heinz.


5 Ideas for Better Sales and Marketing Attribution

|  by Rob Stagno

To maximize your marketing attribution efforts, concentrate less on the absolute measures a touchpoint contributes to conversion, and more on the areas that impact results most.


Proving Social ROI – How To Justify Your Social Media Efforts

|  by Tracx

Learn the optimal strategy for proving social's value. There’s no denying that social media holds limitless opportunities for businesses of all sizes. So why aren’t more companies taking social seriously? The most common answer - the inability to tie ROI to social efforts. This eBook provides a step-by-step guide for defining and measuring social ROI…


eBook: Which Metrics Matter

|  by Tracx

Learn about the most important social metrics that should definitely be in your measurement plan.


Chief Marketer Videos

by Patricia Odell

Julie Barry, director of global brand for Velcro Cos., talks about her favorite Velcro product at PROMONext: Leaders in Promotion Marketing Conference.