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Beth Negus ViveirosBeth Negus Viveiros:

Beth Negus Viveiros is the managing editor of Chief Marketer. A business and marketing journalist for almost 20 years, Beth’s current core beats include email, businessto- business, ecommerce and marketing operations. She oversees the Big Fat Marketing Blog, where she has been know to reveal her passion for the geekier side of entertainment marketing. Beth is based in the Boston area. Send Beth story ideas and submissions for Chief Marketer magazine and the Chief Marketer Report e-newsletter.

CONTACT: bnegus@accessintel.com / 617-916-2762

Patricia OdellPatricia Odell:

Senior editor Patricia Odell has written about marketing and the often wacky (but fun) world of promotions for 15 years. Her current beats include events, loyalty, retail and experiential marketing. Patty oversees the PROMO 100 ranking of promotion agencies and the annual PRO Awards. Based in Norwalk, CT, she is a graduate of New York University’s Journalism School.

CONTACT: podell@accessintel.com / 203-899-8442



  • Karen Drew

    First I have to say that I’ve been receiving your email newsletter for a while now and I really appreciate the useful information. Today I received one of your partner mailings from SG360 and want to ask you not to send anymore of them…at least to me. Unfortunately, while some aspects the video covers are true, the basic premise is that an individual is just a body and ‘the brain’ runs everything so people are reduced to a neuro-chemical stimulus response organisms like Pavlov’s dogs. It reduces human beings to a bunch of of soulless animals waiting for the right push button to start salivating for products and claims we are manipulate-able when given the right stimulus…the pharmaceutical ‘people are just meat’ theory. This is off base. We are not just animals. The real truth is that each of us is an eternal spiritual being who owns a body and a mind, neither of which are in “the brain”. We are much more and I found it insulting to be reduced to animal status. Yes, there are emotional drivers and we absolutely need to understand what people need and want and will exchange hard earned cash for BUT this can be done with some respect and not by making people feel like they are just a bunch of animals who respond when the right bell rings. The “mud theory” is disrespectful and has always had bad results. Psychiatry was born in Nazi Germany. When people are considered to be ‘just animals’ it’s a lot more justifiable to experiment on them and exterminate them. I hope you don’t hang out with that crowd or espouse those values.