Study: Sales Reps Should Be Assigned More Leads

Sales reps and the volume of leads they’re given each day smacks of the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears:” Organizations are trying to find the exact number of new lead assignments per day that’s just right. A new study from Leads360 has some helpful information on how to find this perfect number. According…

DMA in DC Starts Tuesday

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

A three day event designed to educate marketers on critical issues affecting the data-driven marketing industry begins this week.

Practice Better Data Hygiene: Is It Time to Clean up Your Act?

By Micky Long, vice president and practice director of lead nurturing, Arketi Group Let's be clear: I'm not asking you to confess whether or not you floss daily. That's between you and your dentist. But we are seeing an alarming trend among B2B marketers in an area equally as troubling as bad dental habits: poor…

How to Create Effective Content for Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is a landing page that’s created to compel a visitor to give you their first name and email address so you can initiate a strategic email marketing campaign. The campaign will typically involve autoresponder emails that aim to convert a lead over time. While most discussions about squeeze pages focus on on-page…

How Persona-Based Marketing Can Go Wrong

|  by Beth Negus Viveiros

What if publications like Reader's Digest targeted different segments of their readership, rather than just their main core audience?

How to Use Gated Content to Increase Response Rates

Gating content with lead-generation forms asking for a person’s information can be an effective tool. If your company decides to use gated content, here are three tips to increase response rates, courtesy of Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp: 1)

5 Unexpected Places to Conduct Keyword Research

There are plenty of free tools to use when conducting keyword research, such as Google Alerts, Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Soovle and Topsy, among many others. But marketers and content creators that want to get a little more creative with their keyword research to improve the use and selection of relevant keywords on their site,…