Why Brand Experience Should Be At The Center of Your Marketing Strategy

Today’s consumers value live experiences more than material goods and expect those experiences to speak to them on a personal level, and to respond to their needs for information, community and fun. Brand experiences that satisfy these needs and are meaningful and engaging lead to consumer loyalty and brand advocates. Today more than ever, brand experiences should be at the center of any well-conceived marketing strategy. In fact: More than two- thirds of marketers agree that brand experience is an effective way to achieve their organizations’ goals.

In this Chief Marketer Special Report—which includes insights from industry experts Bruce Mau, Andy Cunningham and Haluk Kulin—you’ll learn what’s driving this evolution of the brand experience, and how you can create smart, personalized and engaging experiences that are on-trend—and on target.

We’ll break down:

  • Experiential and Beyond CoverWhat’s driving the evolution of the brand experience—and why it matters
  • Four reasons why live events are the ultimate branding tool
  • How to apply Design Thinking to create experiences for changing audiences
  • Five ways to personalize the customer journey
  • How to use data to design better experiences
  • Top technology trends that are driving engagement


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Experiential and Beyond Special Report

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