Multichannel Strategies For Connecting With Customers

Using multiple channels to reach customers on the path to purchase

We’re living in a multichannel world. This means the customer journey is very convoluted and that’s a huge challenge for marketers. Which touchpoints offer the biggest bang for the buck? Does it make sense to use already stretched budget dollars to try something new that may—or may not—work?

Learn how three major brands—Delta Faucets, Plum Organics and Coca-Cola— injected one unusual pathway along the multiple roads they rely on to connect with consumers in an unexpected way.


  • Special Report Consumer JourneyHow 5 very muddy events brought prospects to Delta
  • Plum Organic’s brave new pathway to parents
  • Coca-Cola’s billboard meters that measures happiness tweets
  • Mobile content marketing increases sales
  • 5 tips to maximize media spend
  • The essentials of sampling

Special Report Consumer Journey

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