Your Content Crisis Won’t Solve Itself

Today’s customers expect businesses to offer tailored services and personalized content. Companies need to demonstrate an understanding of their customer’s needs, before they can expect a purchase.

This places an immense stress on the shoulders of senior marketers and their teams. In fact, 74% of senior marketers say that they can’t produce the sheer volume and variety of content fast enough1, and that’s despite 97% of respondents indicating that “publishing personalized digital content more quickly is a priority.”2

Marketers are facing a crisis of content that is not going to solve itself. There are plenty of possible solutions, but no silver bullet. Automation, for example, can be a powerful tool for dealing with the content crisis, but you need to know which technology is right for your operation and your potential customers.

The cold, hard fact is that most organizations simply don’t have the peoplepower, budget, or strategy to execute a successful content approach. This limits their ability to improve the customer experience and beat the competition.

It’s going to be tough to deliver on customers’ high expectations, but it becomes easier with a solid, stable foundation for growth. Ideally, this will take the form of a single, unified content creation platform. From this, everything else – from strategy and scheduling to resource management and analytics – will follow.

At Sitecore, we know that your content crisis is a top priority to solve. It’s time to take action, using our insight as a guide.

1 Avanade Sitecore Martech Research Report
2 Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and Sitecore – Trends in Personalization Report 2019

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