The Six Dimensions of Data Quality

Best practices for marketing departments to ensure your data is clean, accurate and actionable

Marketing departments’ focus on the customer has increased over the past five years, and the collection, sharing and use of customer information to shape, evaluate and implement marketing strategies has grown along with it—in companies both large and small. So, when it comes to evaluating and analyzing the quality of your data, what factors should marketers consider? How can they ensure the customer insights extracted from it are fit to inform business decisions? Marketers require clean, accurate customer data to work with and support their business goals. Following is a look at six dimensions of data quality to consider as a framework for evaluating, enhancing and enriching your data.

In this special report you will discover:

  • Marketers’ pivotal role in the data story
  • Six dimensions of data quality
  • Four data quality case studies
  • Considerations for evaluating data platforms

Co-produced by Melissa