Loyalty Marketing In The Data-Driven Era

What you need to know for 2020

This special report takes a deep dive into the loyalty marketing discipline and provides smart strategies and contemporary best practices that inspire deep emotional connections between brands and customers. Readers will discover how the growing importance of data-driven marketing strategies using machine learning and technologies play a key role in understanding what motivates loyalty members to continue their purchases and move through the customer lifecycle towards the true goal—lifetime brand loyalty.

The report also includes insights from industry experts Rick Boubelik and Tad Fordyce on how the most progressive brands are moving their loyalty programs into the modern era, how to engage loyalty members for the long haul, as well as what to expect in the next two-to-five years.

2019 Epsilon Special Report CoverWe’ll break down:

  • Why smart marketers need a healthy mix of both Big “L” and Little “l” loyalty
  • How machine learning is helping increase loyalty program engagement
  • The 3 stages of effective machine learning
  • 3 ways to inspire deeper emotional connections
  • The 5 habits of highly successful loyalty marketers


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