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Understanding How Macro and Micro Forces Influence Marketing

|  by Gavin Finn

B2C and B2B marketers must look at both the macro and micro forces that are shaping the behavior of their audiences along with the increasingly rapid pace of technological change to understand how to drive interesting and exciting discoveries and innovations in almost every personal, business, and public policy arena.

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Digital Transformation, The Next Level of Sales Enablement

|  by Gavin Finn

Technology alone won’t transform your business. It only becomes transformative when woven together in a way that creates engagement, starting with the customer and moving back all through the organization.

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Creating Mobile Apps for B2B Sales & Marketing

|  by Gavin Finn

Effectively leveraging mobile as a sales tool requires more than just building an app, and this is where most B2B mobile sales and marketing efforts fail.

Top 4 B2B Digital Content Strategies for 2013

|  by Gavin Finn

Here are four strategies B2B marketers can employ to tell their product stories, more effectively leverage online content and convert leads into buyers.