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By Jun 01, 2010

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Hot, Fast and Engaged

Pizza Hut has always been known for innovation. After all, it takes a lot of creativity to find a new place to insert mozzarella into a pie. That's how


Killer App-etite

To Pizza Hut, the iPhone order app launched last summer may be a sticky channel to an affluent consumer. To users, it's a convenient pipeline to pepperoni


On the Grow?

We've all seen the usage statistics for mobile: More people using more advanced cellphone features such as mobile Web and barcode scanners more and more

Data & Analytics

Jun. 01, 2010

Levi's Makes Friends With New Facebook Capabilities

AS THE SOCIALLY NETWORKED KNOW BY NOW, Facebook made some changes in late April that enabled sharing of some of the already-public data on members' profile


Jun. 01, 2010

Mothers of Invention

CALL IT CAUSE MARKETING WITH AN AGENDA: Kimberly-Clark has launched a program to hand out start-up cash to moms with new business ideas, to support homegrown


Jun. 01, 2010

Crying Tomatoes, Laughing Customers

A ONE-TENTH OF 1 PERCENT RESPONSE RATE isn't much to write home about unless responding entails going to extraordinary measures. Over 300 consumers did


Jun. 01, 2010

Sprint Calls on Best Customers

In 2009, Sprint set out to reward the top tier of its 48 million customers with its first loyalty program, Sprint Premier. The program is free to customers,


Jun. 01, 2010

Reviews Nice to Share for TurboTax

Intuit's TurboTax product has had over 20 million customers, and over 50% of those folks are using Facebook and have, on average, 150 friends. They obviously


May. 25, 2010

Social Media is Royal for "Queen"

Social media has changed the book promotion strategy for authors.


Jun. 01, 2010

Turning the DMA Tide

Chief Marketer's sister publication Direct recently talked with interim Direct Marketing Association president and CEO Robert Allen about his tour of


May. 14, 2010

Recency Modeling a Beautiful Thing for Discount Beauty Center

Recency/frequency/monetary value modeling, or RFM, is a tried-and-true segmentation tactic for catalogers and other mail order marketers. But e-mail practitioners have been more reluctant to use it to segment their campaigns.


Jun. 01, 2010

Video Game Marketing: How to Bend an Animated Brand

When they started pro¬duction on the film, the folks behind "The Last Airbender" likely felt confident that they had a strong brand to build on, beloved by fans of the Nickelodeon cartoon. Of course, that was before a little low-budget flick released last year usurped the first word in the cartoon's full title: "Avatar: The Last Airbender."

Marketing Tips

Jun. 01, 2010

Click to Change

A foray into viral marketing by the Bon-Ton Stores Inc. yielded a six percent response rate. That isn't too shabby, even if the responses were in the


Jun. 01, 2010

Bigger Carts Mean Better Shoppers

Most retailers are adept at persuading shoppers to buy a particular item. Increasing the lifetime value of customers by turning those one-off item purchases


May. 03, 2010

Is Our Messaging Getting Lost In Our Medium?

More and more, marketers seeking to improve performance marketing programs look to both campaign data and effective communication to determine success.

Editor's Note

Jun. 01, 2010

The Rules of Business Data

A new study evaluating several sources of business-to-business data has a seemingly simple question at its heart: Which source is best? There's a second


Jun. 01, 2010

Who Are They?

More and more digital marketing plans have to live in a window of a fiscal quarter or less. But does that mean your consumers will drop off the face of


Jun. 01, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

SUMMER IS HERE, and the dog days are just around the corner. Webster defines dog days as the period between early July and early September when the hot

CM Report

Jun. 01, 2010

Who's In Charge of CRM Functions? It Depends...

In many companies, the question of which department oversees customer relationship man¬agement is a tricky one. Marketers work with the system on a daily basis, sales has to input data on the go, and IT needs to make sure all the back end processes are in place. Chief Marketer talked to several industry experts to get their thoughts on who typically con¬trols—or should control—CRM within a marketing organization.


Mar. 29, 2010

Building a Business Case for Web Content Management

Thanks to tight budgets and an ever more watchful C-suite, marketers can't do anything on a whim. Every purchase—big or small—is carefully scrutinized. So, how do you build a business case to support the purchase of a Web content management system? Here's some factors to consider

Marketing Operations Management

Jun. 01, 2010

Chieftains: What's Your Favorite Mobile App, For Business or Personal Use, and Why?


Big Fat Ideas

Dec. 01, 2010

Mail Helps Garden Firm Grow

Gardening products marketer Converted Organics is using direct mail to seed both consumer and B-to-B marketing and brand awareness campaigns. We found


Oct. 25, 2010

Money-Saving Tips for This Winter

Money-Saving Tips for This Winter


Oct. 04, 2010


Oct. 23, 2010

Five Tips for Complying with the Can-Spam Act

Given how complex marketing has become, it


Oct. 01, 2010

Pull the Trigger on Abandoned Carts

Abandoned-cart e-mail programs in which you send triggered e-mails to visitors who left your site without purchasing the items they'd placed in their


Dec. 01, 2010

Web Tips: Video Without Tears

For many Web marketers, video is a two-edged sword. They know that visitors are more highly engaged by a website that contains sound and motion, but creating


Dec. 01, 2010

Even Minus Clicks, Digital Media Works

If you're a brand marketer and feeling the temptation to cut back on your search marketing or display budget on the rationale that people don't click


Oct. 01, 2010

Did You Know? Google Search

2 to 5 seconds is what Google says its new predictive Instant Search will save the average searcher, showing search results for what Google thinks you're typing before you've finished


Dec. 01, 2010

Easy Stages to Mobile

It's no shocker that more people are accessing the web today via mobile devices than ever before. A July 2010 study from the Pew Internet & American Life


Dec. 01, 2010

A Head Count for Mobile Ads

First come the ads, and then, as night follows day, must come the metrics. That's the rationale behind new guidelines for measuring the impact of mobile


Oct. 01, 2010

Mobile March of the Penguins

It's got football and baseball, sure, but basically Pittsburgh is a hockey town. After all, the Pittsburgh Penguins have brought home three Stanley Cups,

The Chieftains


Jun. 01, 2010



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