April/May 2011 Issue

By Apr 01, 2011


Marketing's ZIP-less Future

I'd been waiting in line 20 mintues and had my hand poised to swipe my debit card, but the question still seemed worth asking. "I'm sorry — why do you need my ZIP code?"


Why Near East Chose Seattle for its First Vehicle Tour

Depending on where in the U.S. you live, you may or may not know what couscous is. The Near East brand, a marketer of couscous and other specialty side dishes, is about to change that by introducing its first mobile sampling tour.


Price Chopper, Dole Salad Club's Mobile Effort Tests QR Codes1

Thanks to a joint effort from the Price Chopper supermarket chain and Dole Food Co., mobile devices are spurring consumers to eat more salad. The effort marks the union of two independent marketing pushes at Price Chopper. In September 2010, Dole was planning a mail campaign aimed at active and lapsed members of the chain's loyalty program. The effort was geared toward boosting enrollment in the Dole Salad Mobile Club. At the same time, direct marketing firm PJ Green had approached Price Chopper with the idea of testing QR codes within its marketing. When scanned by a mobile phone, QR codes serve online content to the phone's screen.


Coors Light/Bacardi: From Flash-mob to YouTube within 24 Hours

On Tuesday evening over the course of about 30 minutes a flash-mob video was produced on the Las Vegas strip for both the Miller Light and Bacardi brands. The production was edited down to 2.5 minutes and is now up on YouTube with 1,016 views and counting.


Service Data Guides Sullivan Tire's Direct Mail Efforts

Marketers who don't get enough information from recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) analysis can consider adding a fourth metric to their calculations: Tire tread measurements. Granted, this metric will only yield useful data for a limited number of companies. But Sullivan Tire Co. Inc. is one such company, and when tires on a customer's car are worn down to depths 3/32nds of an inch or so, its individualized direct mail efforts hit the ground running. During 2011, Sullivan Tire will expand the mail program fueled by this and other service data, sending out 500,000 pieces, according to database manager Mike Panarelli.


Online Privacy: Who Watches the Watchers?

The online privacy tussle pits two broad groups against each other: marketers who want to know as much as possible about their online visitors—what they search for, where they go on the web, what they have read, how they behaved last time on the site and so on; and consumers who are increasingly wary of what information is being collected.


Rebuilding The Shack: Radio Shack Remodels its Brand Without Tearing Down its Legacy

Can a 90-year-old brand with a name that evokes both your great-grandfather's mass medium and a backyard shed get hip? Fort Worth-based RadioShack thinks so



LEGACY CAN BE A TWO-EDGED SWORD, especially when it's hard-wired into a brand name. (Just ask KFC about the flight from ) When RadioShack announced in


Annual Interactive Marketing Survey: More Tools, More Tryouts

This year's Chief Marketer Interactive Survey suggests that marketers aren't waiting to try new tricks to capture online attention


The B-to-B Economy: Where B-to-B Marketers are Spending their Dollars in 2011

Chief Marketer talked to several experts to get their take on where and how B-to-B marketers are spending their money in 2011


Baudville Rebrands to Shift With the Times

A rebranding effort and a continued focus on its core catalog business have helped Baudville build a brand centering on employee recognition products


Cross Channel Special Report: The Benefits of Smartly Targeted Multi-Media Efforts

In marketing, empathy equals response and response equals dollars. One way of building empathy is by reflecting targets’ interests or emotional touch points in messages aimed at them.


California’s No-ZIP Ruling Breeds Lawsuits, List Concerns

Last month's ruling by the California Supreme Court bars retailers from asking for ZIP codes from credit-card store shoppers


Maternity Marketing Media

In reaching new moms, postal mail may be the best delivery channel for those who've recently delivered


The Advantages of Strategic Conversion Optimization

Companies with ecommerce sites may have an overly high percentage of customers who through their behavior tell you "no thanks, I'm just looking." Imagine being able to increase your Web site's conversion rates by 30% or more and adding millions of dollars in additional revenue. Online testing is the key. For even better results, consider implementing a comprehensive, strategic conversion optimization process.


Dashboards Help The Pond Guy Keep its Analytics Head Above Water

A lack of data is not some¬thing emarketers today can really complain about. But what they can complain about is data overload, and how difficult it can be to fig¬ure out what data is most useful for their brands—without becom¬ing overwhelmed.

Data & Analytics

Mar. 08, 2011

Customer Input Pays Off For Revamped Marriott E-Newsletter

At first blush, rewards statement design should be a no-brainer. By definition, a marketer is communicating with its most engaged customers. To paraphrase an old saying, any communication is good communication as long as the customer's name is spelled right. Right? Marriott International found differently when it reconfigured its rewards e-newsletter. The new design highlights features members are interested in, strips down verbosity, offers a cleaner look and adds personalized rewards to its communication. As a result, this group of engaged recipients has become even more so, with revenue per e-mail initially jumping by 25%. Since the new design has rolled out, monthly per-message revenue has consistently been 10%-25% higher, according to Kristen Barletta, Marriott International's email marketing director.


Apr. 01, 2011

Concentrate on B-to-B Enewsletter Content

Putting together a B-to-B e-newsletter? Focus on the actual reader, not the company

Marketing Tips

Mar. 09, 2011

Is Charlie Sheen's PR Strategy 'Winning?'

Is Charlie Sheen destroying or building a tiger-blood fueled brand? Is there anything marketers could learn from Sheen's PR "strategy?"

Editor's Note

Apr. 01, 2011

Corning Spins Glass Into YouTube Gold

Corning Inc.'s video, “A Day Made of Glass,” has become a major viral hit, at press time scoring more than 10 million views on the YouTube channel


CM Report

Mar. 28, 2011

Dismiss Mobile Search & You'll Lose Big

I am not going to bury the lead: Marketers that dismiss or ignore mobile search will regret it later. While we've heard year after year that


Mar. 14, 2011

Kmart, Other Brands Test Geo-located Text Messaging with AT&T ShopAlerts

Some big names in both retail and consumer goods are partnering with wireless carrier AT&T to test the impact of text messages that send themselves automatically when customers

Marketing Operations Management

Feb. 18, 2011

Zippo Stages Musical Events to Build Sales in China: Case Study

The Zippo Manufacturing Co. staged six musical events—one per month—in China to convert buyers and build advocates among younger adults.

Big Fat Ideas

Feb. 07, 2011

Tending to Toilet Tissue Turf: Cottonelle Q&A

Toilet tissue is not something people tend to spend a lot of time thinking about. Many shoppers just grab a familiar-looking package off the shelf and toss it in their carts, and because price promotions are so common, there is not a lot of brand loyalty. Cottonelle senior brand manager John Stanwood talks to PROMO about the $9 billion product category and why it’s so challenging for marketers.


Feb. 11, 2011

Packaging Toys isn't Kid Stuff Anymore

When confronted by myriad choices, kids are impulsive and can sometimes be more attracted by a competitors’ brand if the packaging is more compelling. That’s why the brand has to be fully leveraged in package design to remind the child about the attributes and perceived higher value of the brand that drove them into the store in the first place.

The Chieftains

Mar. 09, 2011

Checkup: Bounty and Special K Build their Health Credentials

As we know, the healthy lifestyle movement is well underway and promotion is an effective way to build a brand’s credentials whether or not “health” has ever been part of their core positions. Let’s take a look—and lesson—from two distinct, long-established brands with powerful promotional concepts. One, Special K, begins its new messaging with a heritage of health; the other, Bounty, uses promotion as a way in.


Mar. 08, 2011

Motorcycle Retailer Rides Shared Facebook Sweeps to Sales Wins

How do you build a critical mass of followers in social media-those social-grid head counts that are a prerequisite for giving a social campaign viral lift? In the case of online cycle gear seller Motorcycle Superstore


Feb. 20, 2011

5 Reasons Not to Run Standalone Facebook Promotions

With all the rush to market on Facebook, don’t push aside the ol’ tried-and-true branded Web site. Johnson Controls, a provider of mechanical equipment and systems that control commercial building systems, is promoting its video contest, "Campus Green Scene," on the corporate website—as well as a microsite and Facebook.

Issue Contents

Feb. 02, 2011

Atkins Beefs Up Giveaway Promotion with Largest Budget to Date

Atkins' direct response campaign centers on a smartly designed free “Starter Kit” that includes three giveaways—a Quick Start Guide, a Chef Recipes booklet, and three Atkins bars—as incentives to get consumers to participate in the diet. And if early returns are any indication, things are looking good. Some 8,000 to 10,000 orders for the kits are being placed daily.


Mar. 02, 2011

Consumers are Human Beings First: A Lesson in Loyalty

By anyone’s timeline, the loyalty industry has existed for at least 20 years, driving customer retention across industries as diverse as retail, hospitality


Apr. 01, 2011

Items of Note from Around the Web

FACEBOOK KETCHUP, NOT CATCH-UP Condiment superpower Heinz planned to launch a new tomato ketchup flavor in the U.K., balsamic vinegar. Rather than hand