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March 22, 2020
You’ve seen the headlines, the quotes, the memes: “We’re all in this together”—words of solace, comfort and solidarity in this time of uncertainty. It’s the message many companies have been communicating to customers and the general public these past few weeks. With countless businesses feeling the effects of COVID-19, from event cancellations to restaurant and bar closures to limited mass transit to a halt on business travel, consumers are starved for good news—something brands are equipped to deliver.
We’ve compiled a list of companies that have jumped on the cause-marketing relief train and how brands are focusing on corporate social responsibility. We also review the methods some tech companies are using to remain connected to customers in the absence of live events.
As the marketing community adjusts to this new normal, data reflective of the changes in consumer behavior has begun to roll in. Read analysis and surveys from Nielsen, Disqo and Pattern89 related to the changing business landscape and how consumers are shifting their habits and perceptions as a result.
Finally, we’ll leave with you with a non-COVID-19-related story that details one brand’s successful journey from retail to ecommerce to brand marketing and beyond. (Hint: It all started with a Beanie Baby.)
Stay healthy, and stay safe.
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Kaylee Hultgren
Group Content Manager
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