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May 31, 2020

Everyone and their grandmother is trying TikTok these days. My sister, for instance, recently answered the call. In her quest to remain productive and busy during quarantine, she asked her family to join her in a TikTok dance for Mother’s Day. It was new. And it was fun.

Like millions of other moms out there, my sister is seeking ways to balance having children at home—at all times—while working and staying sane. But moms are a group of consumers who are pros at adapting to new scenarios. And brands have the opportunity to provide solutions to their everyday struggles. Here are seven unique scenarios, based on survey data from Influence Central, experienced by moms today that can inform brands’ marketing strategies.  

With TikTok, brands might need more than a dance to break out on the platform. We chat with e.l.f. Cosmetics CMO Kory Marchisotto this week about the beauty brand’s massive success on TikTok, how she harnesses customer insights to power marketing campaigns and her team’s employee-centric approach to the pandemic.

Speaking of female CMOs, a report from Spencer Stuart that tracks changes in CMO roles revealed some positive news this week: 43 percent of CMOs in 2019 were women compared to 36 percent in 2018. But overall CMO tenure decreased by two months. More on the report’s key data points here.

COVID-19-related pivots have taken center stage in recent months—and rightly so. But other topics that require planning and new strategies should still remain on marketers’ radar. Successfully transitioning to a cookie-less web is one of them. Marketers can monitor three critical areas in order to make the transition a smooth one.

Finally, providing a superior customer experience is critical in these times, particularly for direct-to-consumer brands. Here are three ways in which brands can implement technology that can help streamline and control the customer experience—particularly during the last mile.

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