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September 8, 2019

September can be a fresh start for many people. A new class or school gives students a chance to reinvent themselves. This week, we look at some innovative ideas and campaigns that can inspire your brand.

Top of the list for inspiration is this year’s newly announced PRO Awards finalists. Check out the list here, and find out how you can join us live in New York for the awards brunch.

When many people hear the name Pitney Bowes, they likely think of direct mail, a decidedly old school (but still effective) tactic. The nearly century-old brand has expanded beyond the post into ecommerce and other digital technologies. CMO Bill Borrelle chatted with us recently to discuss how the brand is changing audience perceptions of the company and the challenges of reaching individuals at diverse B2B targets.

Many brands buy their way onto the sets of films via high-priced, product-placement deals. STANLEY food and beverage containers has come up with a fresh way to leverage its Hollywood connections. A new campaign challenges consumers to identify 40 (and counting) films and shows where STANLEY products have organically appeared over the past four-plus decades.

Another campaign of sorts that got attention across all media this week was #Sharpiegate, the result of President Trump apparently using a marker to move Hurricane Dorian’s path towards Alabama. We round up some of the chatter the social winds blew around the incident.

Across the pond, Google is perking up its marketing with a consumer-styled campaign called “Find What Matters” to promote B2B search, showcasing why businesses need to have a strong search presence.

One thing that will come up in many searches is video. The tactic gets attention, but it can break the bank. Check out five ways you can channel your inner indie auteur and create engaging video on a budget

Don’t forget to put the cap back on your Sharpie, and we’ll see you back here next week.

Beth Negus Viveiros

Managing Editor

Chief Marketer

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