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TV Is the “Good Screen” for Millennial Parents

|  by Allison O’Keefe Wright

Nine in 10 new parents today are Millennials (ages 22-37), and this means that more and more, “talking to parents” means talking to Millennials.

Marketers Most Wanted: Millennials

|  by Sherry Chiger

In the Most Wanted series, Chief Marketer looks at some of the top demographic segments marketers need to target in 2017—up this week: millennials.

Why Marketers Should Put on Wearables

|  by Tony Tie

Millennials are 55% more likely than older Americans to own wearables, and marketers need to be ready to reach this audience on the go.

4 Ways Social Positions Brands as Destinations for Millennials

|  by Tony Tie

Maintaining an active social media presence is a key component in increasing brand awareness and attracting Millennials: Nearly 90% of Millennials are on social networks, 63% stay updated on branded social accounts, and 46% rely on social media information when making a purchase.

Engaging Millennials With Agile Digital Ecosystems

|  by Heidi Unruh

Consumer financial services companies are taking advantage of the latest innovations in marketing technology to serve their most elusive market, millennials, providing them with relevant, useful content when and where they want it—without overloading them with useless information.

Communicating With Millennials: Why Messaging Apps Matter

|  by Antoine Hemon-Laurens

Millennials are increasingly using popular messaging applications such as WeChat, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to communicate, pay and exchange information not only with their peers but also with companies, according to research from Yahoo's Flurry Insights.

Chief Marketer Videos

by Kaylee Hultgren

For the 2020 Chief Marketer PRO Awards, Ally Financial and agency partner PrizeLogic took home the highest honor, the Platinum PRO Award, for its Ally + Monopoly – Grow Your Fortune campaign.


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