Untangling Attribution’s Web of Confusion: A Primer for Marketer

By: Visual IQ
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Read this primer on differing analyst perspectives and what you need to know to make informed choices
After more than a decade since the first marketing attribution offering appeared in the marketplace, advertisers, analysts and vendors can’t seem to agree on a common definition. Some of the confusion may be due to the complexity of the subject matter or, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, the result of deep-rooted agendas set by those involved in media buying/planning with millions of dollars at stake.

Whatever the cause, the industry is more confused today than ever before. One doesn’t need to look further than the recent reports published by Gartner and Forrester Research (both available on our website) to find examples of competing perspectives that leave the industry confused.

Visual IQ White paper coverUntangling Attribution’s Web of Confusion: A Primer for Marketers shines a light on Forrester’s perspective that the marketing measurement and optimization industry has morphed into a new category called Unified Marketing Impact Analytics (UMIA) that combines significant strategic consulting services with software, and Gartner’s view that multi-touch, algorithmic attribution and marketing mix modeling are still two very distinct disciplines that though integrated, rely first and foremost on software. In an effort to eliminate this confusion, Visual IQ has provided additional details to cut through the hype, expose the pros and cons of the different attribution approaches available, and take one step closer to defining attribution for the industry.


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