5 Steps to Stress-Free Customer Analytics

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IBM 5 Stept to Stress Free Customer Analytics White paperIn the past ten years, customer analytics has evolved from nice-to-have reports in the marketing department to must-have, data- driven, C-suite-influencing metrics. The whole organization now relies on analytics for direction and our businesses are better for it.

But there are issues. The volume of customer data collected is expanding at an astronomical rate – doubling every two years. Customer struggles with your digital properties can pop up anytime and can quickly escalate from hiccups to glitches to full-fledged fires. Users now bounce from work laptop to phone-on-the-subway to tablet-at-home-on-the-couch to make their purchase or complete their transaction. They expect the progression from one device to the next to be seamless. And different parts of the customer story reside in different departments so, every month, you need the help of analysts to put it together. How to keep up?

Cutting-edge best practices in analytics, from just a few years ago, now fall short. The game has changed and requires a more sophisticated methodology. To dependably provide exceptional, seamless customer experiences, your analytics infrastructure now has to manage the data explosion, support and join all your channels and provide insight into customer issues. Customers demand great experiences each time they interact with your brand. Today, if users struggle with your site or app, more than 65 percent of them don’t think twice about moving on./

We’ve put together a short checklist of what you need to do to stay ahead of the curve.

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IBM 5 Stept to Stress Free Customer Analytics White paper

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