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February 26, 2024

To kick off back-to-school shopping season, Target-owned delivery service Shipt launched its first foray into virtual experiences with an immersive racing game on Roblox, where players can deliver school supplies and snacks, claim orders for pickup and delivery, and earn currency for accurate, on-time deliveries. Based on the insight that 77 percent of American parents play video games with their kids, the campaign’s goal was to craft an experience shared by children and their parents during this busy retail moment.

“We wanted to create unique, value-oriented experiences for the 2023 school season in a way that instilled connectivity for our key consumers—which in this case are millennial parents and their children—by identifying moments where we could take the stress out of this time and create connection and fun in a meaningful way,” according to Shipt CMO, Alia Kemet. “This was a great way to put kids and their parents in the driver's seat of this experience.”

We spoke with Kemet about the back-to-school campaign, marketing challenges unique to the retail tech space, its new creative venture with actress Issa Rae, and much more.

Speaking of online retail, consumer shopping preferences are taking new forms and inspiring entirely new purchase channels, from social commerce to recommerce and beyond. Here’s a look at these new trends and how marketers can harness their potential.

Lastly, new and amended U.S. privacy laws continue to roll out across the country this year, from Colorado to Connecticut to California to Utah. While working to comply to this flurry of new legislation, marketers should be mindful of a few key requirements relating to collecting and processing customer data.

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