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November 12, 2023

When we last spoke to Cotopaxi’s Chief Brand Officer Brad Hiranaga, he was just settling into his new gig at the sustainable outdoor apparel brand. He touched on his vision for the mission-driven company, the intricacies of storytelling at a founder-led operation and insights gleaned from leading tops brands at General Mills.

A year later, he’s put those strategies to the test through multiple partnerships with likeminded businesses, from a content collab with Headspace to its first music festival activation, at All Things Go. Read up on Hiranaga’s approach to brand-building through impact-driven partnerships.

Marketing has become more measurable as more customer activity occurs on digital channels—which is good news for CMOs and CFOs alike. However, the pair doesn’t always agree about how marketing budgets should be spent. In fact, only 22% of CMOs say that their relationship with CFOs is truly collaborative. Bluecore’s VP of Digital Strategy David Lokes suggests aligning the two teams by adopting a different set of metrics that provides a more accurate estimate of ROI through accounting for incremental sales. More on his proposal here.

Though the marketing and PR industries have shown lots of interest in ChatGPT since it burst onto the scene a year ago, a recent study by The Conference Board shows that just 26 percent of organizations have a guidance policy in place on how to use generative AI at their companies. Here’s how one firm has tackled the issue by developing its own framework, policy and tools surrounding AI use at organizations.

Speaking of AI, check out this case study on how Coca-Cola’s AI-powered festival experience is transforming music fans into pop stars at popular shows like GovBall, Lollapalooza and its proprietary Sips & Sounds festival.

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