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OCTOBER 1, 2023

The coffee category is a competitive one—but it’s also packed with potential for brand loyalty.

According to Peet’s Coffee brand research, 76 percent of consumers can tell the difference between a good and a bad cup of coffee. Plus, many are looking for a brand to defend high-quality coffee, craft and culture.

In this, Peet’s saw an opportunity. While other folks in the coffee category were creating dessert-like drinks and outlandish flavors, it sought to win over this discerning bunch by keeping is simple. Enter its new brand platform and first-ever 360 marketing campaign, “Coffee for Coffee People.” The 12-week initiative includes a series of spots taking aim at the coffee industry’s propensity for complicated drink orders, as well as a cheeky “Disloyalty Program” on International Coffee Day that honors competitors’ loyalty points as currency for a cup of Peet’s.

“As a small player in a very large and loud category with these mega brands, we knew if we just came out and told our story, which was ultimately a very simple one about quality, that we wouldn't break through the clutter,” said Peet’s Coffee VP of Brand Jessica Buttimer. “So we decided to focus on what we aren't in the beginning, and push off of these outlandish trends.”

Here’s our chat with Buttimer about the campaign’s strategy, core objectives, distribution channels, technical feats and challenges, as well as the brand’s ideas for next year.

Establishing a brand’s purpose and mission within marketing initiatives has become increasingly important in recent years. But how can a company measure its impact and campaign effectiveness? We look at how purpose-driven brands like Patagonia are approaching a measurement paradigm while establishing industry standards

Lastly, ICYMI: Check out our inaugural LinkedIn Live for Chief Marketer’s Brands and Marketers on Fire series, which featured a lively conversation with Dickies Global CMO Sarah Crockett about brand collaborations, marketing to younger generations, influencer strategies, advice on career-building, and much more.

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Kaylee Hultgren
Chief Marketer

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