Consumer Marketing

Scoring Points

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

MyPoints Program (www. from MotivationNet, L.L.C. announced it is adding 36 new partners to deliver the merchandise and and other awards

On the Net

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

The College Report PROMO Magazine's first Internet College session, held last month at PROMO Expo '98 in Chicago's, produced so many fascinating and useful

The Smell of Selling

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

The National PTA has been criticized for selling its name and logo for use in back-to-school advertising by the office supply chain, Office Depot.Neither

Eating Ethnic

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

A new study, sponsored by Kraft Foods, has found that Italian dishes, Mexican meals, and an American classic, macaroni and cheese, top the list of American

Dialing up Youth

Mervyn's California paired with Sprint FonPromotions and Sam Goody music stores to grab the cool, teenaged, skateboard crowd in a back-to-school promo.In

Pepsi Targets Aussie Twentysomethings

SYDNEY - Pepsi has hit the streets with a marketing campaign backed by a multi-million dollar budget to increase the brand's growth from 5 to 11 percent

Blues Redo

Kraft Foods is expanding the "I want the blues!" contest it ran for blue box macaroni & cheese last year. The fourth-quarter promo boosted Kraft's market

Malling Betty

General Mills begins construction this month Betty Crocker Kitchen, a retail bakery outlet in the Mall of America. The store will open in mid-October,

Beat This!

Whoever wins this one won't need to look to Wall Street to make a killing ever again.Thanks to an agreement with Lloyd's of London, Flycast Communications,

Account-Specific Spotlight: Phoenix

Phoenix grocers are big on free samples, but light on frequent-shopper deals. Only 11 percent of stores here have frequent-shopper programs. Fully 94