Consumer Marketing


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Birthday Treats BUENOS AIRES - The Cartoon Network celebrated its fifth anniversary here with a program that got kids to show off their artistic abilities

Hollywood Holds the Line

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Marketers spent an estimated $5.14 billion on promotional licenses in 1997, a 3 percent increase driven mostly by film tie-ins. At the same time, consumer

A Kitchen Away from Home

Home meal replacement has been top of mind for supermarket managers as they try to keep pace with fast-food restaurants. A survey conducted by Meyers

Playing by Ear

Ritchie Fliegler didn't start out playing guitar. His first instrument as a kid was violin. But somewhere along the way he picked up guitar, the same

Making the Web Work for You

Have fun and build your own Sabaru online," invites the copy at the car company's Web site, Car shoppers can select color schemes inside

Backstage at an Information Revolution

Most would agree that fulfillment is not one of the more exciting ends of the promotion business, yet few could deny that 1997 gave the industry's workhorse