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Agency Moves

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Matthew Armstrong named senior vp, director of business development at the Marketing Corporation of America, Westport, CT. Also at the agency, Joseph

Workshop Day

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Tuesday, Ocotber 6 101 Promotion U This session is a roll-up-your-sleeves course on the planning, development, presentation, execution, and measurement

Promotion, America-Style

When I moved to Minnesota this summer, it wasn't to live in the shadow of the Mall of America - but I'm not complaining that that's how it turned out.

No Subpoena Needed: Here’s the Whole Story

To everyone who has paused from watching Court TV to call me at the office, and found me missing, I've neither been indicted nor have I been subpoenaed

It’s About Time

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If you feel like you're caught in a time warp lately, welcome to the club. In every industry, markets are merging, separating, growing in unpredictable


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Petite Sophisticate BUENOS AIRES - Gancia aperitif identified with the right crowd using a program that increased consumption of the brand at bars and

Neatness Still Counts

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The biggest reason shoppers give for picking a store to buy prepared food isn't the food's taste. Consumers say the No. 1 determinant for why they shop

Fox Hits the Fast Lane

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LOS ANGELES Fox will try to extend the tremendous brand loyalty of NASCAR down to its youngest audience when it creates a children's show based on the