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Malling Betty

General Mills begins construction this month Betty Crocker Kitchen, a retail bakery outlet in the Mall of America. The store will open in mid-October,

Beat This!

Whoever wins this one won't need to look to Wall Street to make a killing ever again.Thanks to an agreement with Lloyd's of London, Flycast Communications,

New Products

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That's a Wrap CapBanners can transform a cap simply by applying a banner across the front of an existing cap. The banners from Sales Ahead!, Irvine, CA,

Agencies: Who’s News

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Global Branding Omnicom agency TLP has formed TLPlanet, branding a new global agency network for handling its world business. TLPlanet's backbone are

How Fast is Too Fast?

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When PROMO published the top 10 fastest-growing promotion agencies in the June issue, at first we thought there was a typo.According to the promo 100,

Mag Sweeps Settlement

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American Family Publishers, Jersey City, NJ, and New York State Attorney General Dennis C. Vacco concluded an $800,000 settlement that will compensate


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Pura Milk Wiggles: Its Way to the Breakfast Table SYDNEY - National Foods has found a way to get kids to drink their milk with a program that harnesses