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Metal Mettle

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Remember when it used to really mean something if you had a gold credit card? And you were really important if you were approved for platinum ?Those days

Oops! Catalog Faux Pas

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Nothing in the body, nothing on the body."That's the rule Levenger president Steve Leveen said his chief merchandiser adopted after a series of apparel

The Sher Solution

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Database marketers have a new resource available. It's R. K. Sher & Associates, Highland Park, IL, founded by longtime industry leader Bob Sher. Sher


|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Ziff-Davis-ZD Net ZD Net is a Web-based source for computing and Internet information. The file supplies the names of 600,000 subscribers to this service.Cost:

Computer Resellers

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Whether they like it or not, computer resellers are being pushed to deliver products and services through new distribution programs. Channel assembly,

Tools of the Trade

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Marketers use several terms-ROI, profitability, lifetime value and RFM-as if they are synonymous. They aren't. Each has its own special use in database

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