Spring Reading: May’s Top 10 B2B and Martech Articles

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

After April showers, the month of May brought flowers and great marketing insights. Here’s our 10 most popular B2B and martech articles for May 2018.

Customer Engagement Vital for CMO Job Security: Report
Three-quarters of CMOs think their jobs are on the line if customer engagement doesn’t live up to their audience’s expectations, according to a new study from the CMO Council

Nasdaq Creates a Content Dream Factory
Nasdaq has increased its social fan base from just over 20,000 a few short years ago to 3 million+, with a content strategy focused on promoting the company as a “dream factory” for entrepreneurs.

Sales and Marketing Integration: 5 Tips
Do your sales and marketing teams work well together? Here’s five tips for getting everyone on the same page to lift marketing ROI and conversion rates.

Crafting Buzzy Brand Experiences for B2B Millennials
Want to connect with B2B Millennials? Think experiential.

8 SEO Must Dos for Marketing Success
SEO takes considerable effort—you need to know the right tricks to get seen, clicked and mentioned. Here are eight absolute SEO must dos to include in your marketing strategy.

Lack of Data Structure a Problem in B2B: Forrester
Many B2B companies lack a consistent data structure to link systems, making it tricky to run campaigns in a scalable way, according to new research from Forrester Consulting.

Looking to Reach Prospects? Consider Going Micro
Bigger isn’t always better: To reach your audience, consider microtargeting and microinfluencers.

Coordinating GDPR Strategy Across the Enterprise
Before diving in to the complex requirements outlined in GDPR, many companies think they will only need to focus on their corporate website. There’s much more work to do.

5 Martech Ideas for Engaging Decision Makers
People want to brought into the conversation and engaged with, rather than just talked to, and, they want to receive customized messaging. Here are five martech recommendations to make that happen.

The Price of Success: MarTech Pricing Changes Under Consideration
A new report from Which-50 suggests that some marketing cloud providers are mulling new pricing strategies in light of the strain some of their customers are feeling.


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