Kind Snacks Says its Time to Pop Your Social Bubble

Posted on by Patty Odell

Healthy foods company Kind Snacks, and its Kind Foundation, have long been about spreading kindness. I’ve personally seen brand reps out on city streets giving away flowers, a smile and a sample.

The kindness message has helped build the brand and has been the mainstay of marketing messages and brand content.

Its latest foray is called “Pop Your Bubble.” The “bubble” refers to the social sphere we all live in of largely friends and family, all sharing similar opinions and views. Kind wants us to be more amenable to making friends outside of our own bubbles to connect with people of different demographics, geographics, cultures and so on.

The idea is that in this politically and socially confrontational climate, a little understanding of people that we wouldn’t normally connect with might be a good thing.

The “Pop Your Bubble” Facebook app crunches your algorithums to suggest people beyond your everyday network to connect with. Kind suggests starting with 10 of them. At the Kind Foundation site a message reads: “Are you brave enough to Pop Your Facebook Bubble? Two-thirds of us consider ourselves open-minded, but most of us don’t see diverse views in our feeds. We are trying to help change that. Click here to get started!”

Kind Snacks was founded in 2004 by CEO and founder David Lubetzky. His father is a Holocaust survivor and Lubetzky’s mission has been to build bridges between people. Whether he can do that through Pop Your Bubble is yet to be some. People who participate are likely to be amenable to making new friends and learning about how other people think and what they do. Read the article …

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