Emails We Love: Sock It To Me

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

sock dreamsOne of my first editors was fond of saying that everyone has at least one story to tell, you just need to figure out what it is. I’m coming around to a similar school of thought when it comes to creating email content: Any company can craft a compelling enewsletter, if they’re clever and know how to spin the right angle.

Enter socks, or more specifically, Sock Dreams, The etailer of, well, duh, socks, sends a monthly enewsletter called the “Dreamer Dispatch.” Do they focus on socks in their editorial? Not necessarily. While it would be fun to talk about the benefits of knee socks versus anklets, Sock Dreams instead uses its newsletter to connect with customers, who can be pretty passionate about their products.

If you don’t think someone can get really engaged with socks, go on the site and check out some of the customer reviews. Customers, who have filled out profiles about what type of “dreamer” they are, are happy to share how the products fit their body shape, how well they held up in the wash and other important details.

Recent newsletters offered updates how customers could get on mailings lists to receive updates when popular sold-out items will be back in stock, and a detailed explanation of the site’s returns policy.

Of course, there are numerous links to site content, where users can peruse the latest additions to the site.  The copy overall is chatty, without a hard sell. In their enewsletter efforts, Sock Dreams is putting their best foot forward.


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