Emails We Love: Back to School Round-Up

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

If you’re a parent, you’re in one or two camps this week. You’re either elated that the kids are finally out of the house and back in school, or, you’re as grumpy as the kids about school starting because the kids having to get up early and be productive means you have to do the same.

Either way, marketers want to speak to you. Here’s a few recent examples of back to school emails that hit my inbox. Did you get any emails recently that went to the head of the class? Let me know at [email protected].

Garden Girl “Back to School – Slay Those Spots”: Okay, this one caught my eye probably because I have a tween starting middle school. The subject line got to the point with immediacy and humor. We’re not quite at the point of acne drama yet, but I know we’re close, so a special offer for Spot Slayer is definitely interesting.

Dunkin’ Donuts “Start the school year with a FREE beverage”: The above mentioned new middle schooler has to be out the door a full hour earlier than last year, meaning mom is definitely up for a caffeinated beverage. Or two. Or three. The subject line is on point, but when I clickthrough and start reading, I’m hit with a few different message that muddy the point. Do you want me to purchase a DD card or an mGift (a mobile gift, I guess?), or do you want me to enroll my Dunkin’ loyalty card in DD Perks? I get the free medium beverage for joining, but what if I already belong? Hmmmm….too many questions before my first cup of coffee.

wegmansWegmans  “12 back to school snack & mini-meal ideas”: Wegmans, on the other hand, comes through with a much clearer message when I clickthrough. I see exactly what was promised in the subject line, followed by a simple secondary message about in-store flu vaccinations. (Mind you, my kids probably wouldn’t eat at least half of these suggestions, but I’m sure someone’s 8 year old would be psyched for rice chips and bean dip, so, yay.)

Journeys “The Back to School Catalog is on the way!”: This one isn’t earth shatteringly original, but it creates a great bit of online-offline synergy that many marketers miss. This is a super easy thing to do—let customers know a print book is on the way, and offer them a way to shop the catalog before it hits their home if they are interested. Points to Journeys for multichannel success.


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