Emails We Love: Anthro’s Surprise, Dunkin’s Clunker

Posted on by Beth Negus Viveiros

This time out we examine two examples of email personalization. One cleverly hit the mark, while the other, well, not so much.

Anthro-emailI received an email from Anthropolgie’s Anthro loyalty program with the subject line “Boston, we’re throwing you a birthday party! (No, really!)” The email wasn’t personalized by name, but it was personalized to folks celebrating October birthdays.

Inside, I was invited to celebrate my birthday with fellow Anthro members at the Boston Anthropologie store, where I would get snacks, personal styling and a 15% birthday discount (soon to come in a separate email).

Clearly, it isn’t a party just for me. (At least I hope it isn’t, because I’m not available that night.) But the email makes it feel like they’re thinking of me, and that creates engagement and a good feeling for the brand.

Dunkin’ Donuts, however, didn’t quite get it right with their personalized message to me this week. I was already feeling positive about Dunkin’, thanks to their generously giving out free coffee at Hubspot’s Inbound conference earlier in the week.

dunkin-emailBut those positive vibes didn’t really make me feel responsive to the subject line “Carin, You Could Meet Eli Manning!” For one thing, I live in Massachusetts (where Dunkin’ is based, by the way) so the Giants aren’t my team of choice. I have pretty much no affinity for football, but of course I’m going to root for the Patriots. And for another thing, last time I checked my name wasn’t Carin. Whoops.

Still, mmmm…donuts. Now Homer Simpson—there’s someone I’d like to meet.

Seen any emails you love this week? Let me know at [email protected] or @CMBethNegus.


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