84-Years-Young, Miracle Whip Sponsors Octogenarian Basketball Team

Posted on by Patty Odell

Marketers always preach that a good fit for a partnership has to meet certain criteria: it has to align with the brand’s character, its mission and general place in the marketplace. In short, it has to make sense.

Well, those preaching marketers would be proud. Miracle Whip, celebrating its 84th birthday, has partnered with a senior’s basketball team. All women. Most in their 80s—one is 92. Called the San Diego Splash, they play ball at their local YMCA against other senior teams.

The team became a viral sensation when last month ESPN aired a special on the women that soared through social garnering 12 million hits and growing. The team photo shows smiling women wearing Miracle Whip branded team jackets, and holding either a Miracle Whip branded basketball or jar of Miracle Whip. The women look like they take no prisoners on the court and a number are wearing knee braces.

This is the team’s first endorsement deal and covers the 2017-2018 season.

Miracle Whip
The team play 3-on-3, 15-minute half-court games.

“Miracle Whip is a brand that recognizes that some of the best things have been around for the longest time,” said Matt Carpenter, Director of Marketing for Miracle Whip. “This spring, we brought back our original gold standard recipe. Then, when we learned about the Splash, we knew that this was our opportunity to celebrate a group of women who are challenging the expectations of just how good 80 years can look. This is a team filled with spirit, originality, and of course, excellent hook shots.”

As part of the initial partnership, the Splash receives support for their annual girls basketball camp scholarship program, league fees, official brand gear for warmups, and an ample supply of Miracle Whip.

In some news reports, one of the women talked about how her grandmother and mother both had Miracle Whip in their “ice boxes,” and that she and her children do too. Now that’s a spreadable message!

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