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5 Tactics for Advertising Your App on Twitter

|  by Kathy Pattison

Last week, Twitter announced its year-end financials, claiming 88% of its ad revenue originated from mobile—an increase from 75% last year. Some of this growth is due to Twitter’s expansion into app-specific ad units in May 2014. Additionally, during the same ...


How Twitter Lead Gen Cards Net Subscribers

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Twitter Cards are an under-utilized social media tool that savvy marketers can use to gain more subscribers for free. This Business2Community story goes into explaining how Twitter Cards are rich snippets inside a Tweet that make it stand out ...

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Twitter Tests Video Ads

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Yoree Koh (Wall Street Journal) Twitter is testing video ads, essentially the video equivalent of its popular ad product, promoted tweets, which are ads that look like tweets and appear in users’ content feed. The videos will be embedded into ...

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Do you Know What Twitter Cards are? 8 Types for your Business

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Kristi Hines (SocialMediaExaminer) Twitter cards enrich your tweets with additional content, media and calls to action. This article shares eight types of Twitter cards, including The Summary Card, The Photo Card and The Gallery Card, what they look like, how ...

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50 Top Digital Marketer Twitter Tweeters

|  by Chief Marketer Staff

Nick Cicero (SocialFresh) Are you a follower? This list pulls together manager level or higher digital marketers on both the brand and agency sides who are active on Twitter. These tweeters show a window into the world of the marketer’...


Creating a Successful Second-Screen Experience

|  by David Saef

Do you remember the first time you saw a hashtag on live television? When it happened, you probably didn’t know what it meant until your 14-year-old niece pulled up her Twitter feed. That’s when you saw the running ...


2015 Oscars Round-Up

|  by Patrick Gorman

And the Oscar goes to...all the successful marketing campaigns tied to the 2015 Academy Awards last weekend! While the Super Bowl had brands spending megabucks to get their messages in front the year's biggest TV audience earlier this month, the ...


The Changing Face of User Generated Content

|  by Dan Kimball

According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmark, Budgets, and Trends report, 70% of B2C and 48% of B2B companies are poised to leverage user generated content (UGC) in their 2015 marketing strategies. What began as a highly-centralized practice of populating websites ...

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4 Tools to Remove Fake Followers

|  by Lisa Karl (SocialMediaExaminer)

Marketers all love to watch the number of fans and followers rise. It’s a sign of brand engagement, that we're reaching consumers and customers and the more the numbers go up, the better we feel. However, these social spheres ...