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Dove, Oreo (+Others) Facebook Marketing Tips

|  by Andrea Vahl (Social Media Examiner)

This author takes a look at 10 large and small brands and provides Facebook marketing examples, as well as tips you can use in your own Facebook Marketing.

Making the Decision About Native Advertising

|  by Nxtbook Media

Traditional ads and sponsorships, including full-page ads and IAB banner positions, have fallen short on delivering on either side of the scale. So now publishers are looking to native advertising as a possible solution, albeit with mixed feelings.

Google’s Update Doesn’t Spell Doom

|  by Nxtbook Media

There’s something exciting about mashing “Armageddon” and just about any other word. We’ve witnessed this recently with the heavy snowfalls of winter, prompting newscasters to report a “snowmageddon” in some areas. The practice has resurfaced this week with a “mobilegeddon” caused by Google’s search algorithm update this week.

7 Website Mistakes too Painful to Ignore

|  by Nxtbook Media

In the United States, 89% of consumers expect businesses to have a website, regardless of size or industry. But as any marketer will tell you, even in the Business-to-Business space, it isn’t enough to just have a website.

Giving New Framework to Old Metrics

|  by Nxtbook Media

Anyone who is in charge of content should be obsessed with metrics. The problem is, the industry as a whole can’t decide which metrics matter.

Overcoming Boundaries to Subscription and Revenue Growth

|  by Nxtbook Media

Creating the best subscription plan for any content provider is a tall order: publishers have to juggle offering the content readers want on the devices and channels readers want to use, in the format readers prefer, at a price readers are willing to pay.

MIA Connections Makes a Huge Impact in Travel Industry

|  by Nxtbook Media

The travel industry has come to embrace the value technology brings in keeping a connection with frequent travelers. But most of these efforts focus on engaging customers before or after the act of travel...