Do You Truly Know Your Customer Yet?


Learn why data is still at the heart of customer engagement.

Despite many advances in recent years, marketers still struggle with something very basic: obtaining clean, integrated, actionable customer data, and gaining meaningful insights from it. But new marketing technologies are emerging that put precise customer profiles at the heart of the solution. With these, marketers can finally truly know their customers, and also engage with them anywhere and everywhere. This increases response rates, deepens relationships and grows lifetime value.

In this webinar you’ll learn more about these innovative technologies from David Raab, an independent marketing tech thought leader, and Alan Bunce, representing a leading vendor in this new space, RedPoint Global. Together they’ll share:

  • Why so many companies still struggle with customer data and customer insight
  • What technologies are emerging to solve this problem and how they help
  • Examples of organizations using these technologies and the benefits received

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