Top 3 Ways Big Data Will Transform Digital Marketing in 2013

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Marketing is evolving – at times faster than some of us can keep up.

Every good marketer can attest to the complexity of managing multi-channel execution: fragmented data, fragmented solutions, and ultimately, a fragmented customer experience. Execution is hard enough, but then there’s measurement and justification of marketing spend across channels. Is the data available across channels?  Is the level of granularity on analysis actually useful for campaign optimization?

Join Gleanster Principal Analyst Ian Michiels and Lyris VP of Marketing Alex Lustberg for a deeper look at the future of marketing analytics. How will emerging best practices around big data and campaign optimization transform the customer experience for Top Performing organizations?

You’ll learn:

  • Exactly what “Big Data” is in context that’s simple to grasp
  • How Top Performing organizations are making analytics actionable in campaign execution
  • How Top Performers justify marketing analytics initiatives

About our Presenters:

Ian Michiels, Principal Analyst, Gleanster Research: Ian Michiels is a recognized thought leader and accomplished speaker in marketing automation, demand generation, and digital marketing.  Michiels has a background in creative and analytical marketing roles at Fortune 500 organizations and is responsible for a wide body of published thought leadership on marketing and sales technologies.

Alex Lustberg, VP of Marketing, Lyris, Inc.: Alex Lustberg is vice president of marketing for Lyris, and has responsibility for driving all Lyris corporate and product marketing activities. Alex has more than 15 years of experience in product marketing, strategy development, and client services, with a specific focus on social media and cloud business applications.

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