Email and Mobile — Perfecting the Digital Marketing Mix


Have you changed the way you communicate?  Would you rather receive 10 text messages than one phone call? Do you start to panic if your mobile phone is out of your sight for more than a second? Is your email inbox where you go to find the latest deals from your favorite brands?

While you may personally answer yes, professionally you might not be considering these important shifts when developing your messaging strategies.  Considering how your customers prefer to hear from you can go a long way in nurturing these relationships—and driving more revenue.

In this webinar, we’ll highlight several tactics to consider as you re-visit your multichannel marketing strategy including:

  • Determining customer preferences
  • Designing for multiple channels, devices and screens
  • Capturing information from multiple channels into a single database
  • Delivering a consistent digital experience

All attendees will receive the Multiscreen Maturation whitepaper following the event!



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