Defining the Role of the CMO in the Age of the Empowered Customer


In the age of the customer, the line between the marketing and customer experience disciplines has rapidly blurred. Relationships with customers feed the business and, as the organization’s voice of the customer and brand steward, CMOs must play an instrumental role in architecting a new relationship between brand, customer experience, and marketing.

In this complimentary webinar, Cory Munchbach, analyst at Forrester Research, presents findings from her Jan. 2014 report “The Convergence of Brand, Customer Experience, And Marketing.” Attendees will gain a framework for building a brand strategy where the customer’s needs permeate the company’s culture and operations.

Key takeaways include:

  • The Customer Experience Imperative and the convergence of brand, customer experience, and marketing
  • The value of consumer engagement in creating cohesion between these three disciplines
  • Why the CMO must serve as the architect to move their organization toward customer obsession

All attendees will receive the Forrester “The Convergence of Brand, Customer Experience, And Marketing” Report following the event! 

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